Paranoia is a common feeling when you consume weed, and this is the feeling of fear, anxiety, and delusions or bad dreams that come with this. Not everyone who consumes cannabis has it, but this is a side effect that’s a bit troubling, especially for newbies to this. Why marijuana makes you feel this way? Let’s find out and take a deep dive into how this is, and what you can do to prevent it if it does happen to you. 

What is it? 

The irony of having marijuana for an anxiety attack may be strange for some, but marijuana anxiety and the soothing effects that come with cannabis do have effects, especially on activating the endocannabinoid system. This is a network of different receptors, and when activated, it does trigger appetite, the sensation of pain, memory, and mood. 

The two most dominant parts of the cannabis product are CBD and THC. Both of these do work to influence your CB1 receptors that are within the brain, crating a breakdown of the connection of cannabis and anxiety, changing your cognition, emotional processing, mood functions, and the regulation of anxiety too. According to a CRx author by the name of Bonnie Johnson, she discusses the question on whether or not marijuana both increases or it decreases your anxiety. 


She says that the crux of this is based on how stimulated the CB1` receptors are in the brain. The mild signaling of this does offer anxiety-reducing elements that are good for controlling this. A jarring or high concentration of this does the opposite and it creates anxiety-amplifying results as well. So the base of this is simple: if you want to quell anxiety, you should take a little bit of THC, or consume low amounts. 

Too much, and you’re going to make your anxiety worse over time, so it’s best if you shy away from the high dosages as needed. When it comes to CBD, it doesn’t bind to the CB1 receptors whatsoever, but it modulates them, making them less regulated or receptive to both anandamide and THC that’s in the body. That’s why CBD is good if you want to blunt the psychoactivity of THC. It sits in the pocket, sends signals to zip up the jacket and CBD does help to reduce anxiety in the body in similar ways that antidepressants are able to modulate your serotonin receptors, and will regulate your mood. 

If you’re looking to have cannabis, you should try to have more CBD, since this is a lot more well-tolerated. However, lower dosages do energize the body a lot more, but the larger ones are a lot more sedative as well, and those higher dosages may possibly be a bit overwhelming for you. 

If you’re using other sedatives as well, you may want to reduce the sedative, and up the CBD in the body in order to reduce the negative effects of the body as well. The age-old adage of this is to go low and go slow. 

Causes of Anxiety 

Usually, the biggest cause of anxiety comes from of course, consuming too much. Those with lower BMIs will feel marijuana affects a lot stronger. If you have a history of mood disorders too, or if you’re sensitive to sativas and limonene, you’re going to have a ramped-up effect as a result, and that could play a role in it. Definitely be mindful of how much you consume, and try to monitor this as well, so that you’re able to have a strong, effective result from this, and also reduce anxiety as well for you. 

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