THCA is a non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, and it’s the acid that’s going to become THC. While it won’t produce psychoactive effects, the THC does, and this actually may treat many conditions, from chronic pain to seizures and the like. Learn more about how this works. 

How THCA is made 

Before cannabis gets decarbonylated, the cannabinoid that exists there is called THCA. Once it’s been heated and decarbed, the cannabis isn’t in the raw form anymore, and the plant does go through changes chemical. THCA is then no longer an acid, but it’s instead a carbon dioxide that gets released, and then, it becomes THC.  This is something that also releases the intoxicating elements that will indeed get you high. THC isn’t neutral, but strong for changing the mood and the short-term behavior that you have. 

Benefits of THCA 

There are a lot of benefits for this. For starters, it does help reduce chronic pain by being anti-inflammatory. It also will stimulate your appetite and will treat eating disorders along with chemotherapy patients too. It treats sleeplessness, so those with insomnia will benefit. It is anti-tumor, so it can help with cancer and anything that’s there, reducing the presence of this. Finally, it’s antispasmodic, which is great for epilepsy and MS patients. While the research I still very limited, there are more studies that show the essential need for this. 

Side effects 

Some people say that THCA does have side effects with it, and some may argue otherwise. This comes with the same side effects that THC does in some ways, so if you do have THC sensitivity, then you will be sensitive to THCA. Some of the symptoms that come with THCA include the following: 

  • Cottonmouth. 
  • Dizziness 
  • Red eyes 
  • Fatigue 
  • Elevated heart rate 

However this ais a lot milder than those who consume THC, and it does offer more creativity, euphoria, and it also is non-psychoactive too. THCA does show up on drug tests probably, so if you’ve consumed this within the past few days, this could be a problem. 

It also may interact with over-the-counter medications and drugs. You should talk to the doctor or pharmacist before you take this, as this is a big part of the benefits and may impact a drug regimen. Some may wonder if it does have any effects period. Despite there being some effects that showcase that the compounds do have some effects, some argue that since it doesn’t attach to your endocannabinoid receptors, there is no effect period. The acidic cannabinoids are also more unstable and are also found in trace amounts of cannabis which is dried. 

It is possible for both THC and THCA to work together to offer therapeutic effects, and this is something that some people may decide if they want to juice the plant and use it without infusing fats or heating it, but you will not get the psychoactive results that usually are gotten via THC 

How to Use 

One of the most popular ways is just through diamonds, which are pure extract, and dabbing or vaporizing this is something that has the full benefits. You also may want to consider eating the raw seeds of the cannabis plant or the plant itself, and then juicing it as well to make cannabis beverages. This will not get you high. There are many benefits of THCA, and a lot that you can get from this. Luckily, we’re still learning a lot about this, and what it means for you as a user of this type of plant as well. 

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