Tuberculosis or TB is an infection that’ll impact your lungs but does impact the body in general. The cause of this is through a bacteria, which has been in humans for thousands of years, but was called consumption due to the weight loss that was associated with this. This was originally spread through coughing, speaking, sneezing or singing, and this is something that doesn’t always show symptoms for a long time. 

Some of them do turn into active infection issues, which includes coughing mucus blood, fevers and night sweats, and also the weight loss that the name consumption came from. About half of people with this doe die from the infection if not treated, and right now about 10 million developed it, with about 1.5 million deaths as a result. This is the second-leading disease cause of death, next to COVID of course. There are antibiotics for this, and it’s called the bacillus Camette Guerin vaccine, but antibiotic resistance is a major concern, since the overconsumption of this can actually cause tolerance to the current kind of treatments. With new ones as well being used, and constant changes to vaccines as a result. 

Can Cannabis Help 

While there is very little to prove that it could help with TB, that’s not to say that it may be used. There is evidence of people using cannabis to treat some symptoms with the condition. For example, during the Meiji -era in Japan, those physicians who treated patients with this would help them with chronic fatigue, pain, and also help them with their appetite, since it would stimulate this, and also would help with insomnia associated with the condition. 

Cannabis and Phytocannabinoids do contain some of the compounds that are used with antibiotic resistance due to how it helps with regulating the immune system too. Phytocannabinoids including THC, CBD CBG and the like all have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory elements to this. Where there is a promise that medical cannabis is a great way to modulate and also treat the microbes that are there, there’s very little research there and the few studies that look at this are few and far between. But the recent pandemic did help to revive interest in compounds that treat antibiotic resistance in some cases, and cannabis may be a great way to treat anything that has microbes and whatnot within it. 

How else it might help 

Typically your CBD receptors do work with inflammation. There is also the terpene called beta caryophyllene that also may help with treating tuberculosis, although the studies on this are limited as well. Neuroinflammation along with a leaky blood brain barrier are two major causes of TB.  CBD and the like may also have anti-inflammatory and other neuroprotective elements that could alleviate brain damage from this to an extent as well, although the studies from this are still not there. 

And of course, it also will help with weight loss, preventing it from happening through the stimulation of the appetite. Pinene and other cannabinoids also may help to ease the breathing that’s there due to vasodilation that happens, and some of the effects of this too, and what it means for you. This is something that should still be studied though, since there are some studies which say that cannabis use actually helped with increasing the risk of TB and the symptoms of this too, and what may happen to them as well. 

With all of this said, right now the studies on cannabis are few and far between, and right now, it may prove to be something that’s useful for those who are interested in this. 

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