There is some research which says that THC, CBD and Beta-caryophyllene may help with sickle pain, and the need for opioids in some cases. Both CBD and CBG do help with bacterial infections and reduces antibiotic resistance and reliance. It also may be an alternative to NSAIDs for those who can’t tolerate them. The use of pinene and beta-caryophyllene may also help with pain, inflammation, and also with any sort of problems with breathing too. 

What sickle cell Anemia is 

This is usually called sickle cell disease in some cases, which basically means your blood cells are abnormal, with sickle cell anemia being the most common of this. This turns the blood cells sickle and will then impact the way the red blood cells can carry oxygen. This results in swelling, anemia, bacterial problems, and a chance for a stroke too. 

This is usually seen in people that have a sub-Saharan origin, and usually, those who are from Arabia or India are also affected with this, and that’s due to the high amounts of malaria, and usually, sickle cells prevent the maria from attaching to the blood cells, but it actually may possibly cause them to be more likely to contract this in a few instances too. 

Current treatments 

There are tons of treatments such as NSAIDs, opioids, antibiotics for those with acute chest syndrome, a transcranial doppler ultrasound to look at blood vessels that are obstructed by looking at the rate of blood flow towards your brain. You also may get bone marrow transplants or blood transfusions, along with breathing exercises, psychological therapy, and physical therapy as needed. These are all useful treatments, but some research does say that cannabis may be useful with this as well. 

Why cannabis may work 

Cannabis is being touted as a potential benefit since it does help to treat the sickle pain for those who rely on painkillers to function. There are also antimicrobial properties within cannabis that do help with acute chest syndrome and the reliance of antibiotics too It’s bronchodilatory, which means that it helps with breathing, which is due to the pinene in this Low dosages of this may also help with anxiety, reducing this too 

It offers neuroprotective effects, which are great for treating stroke, along with traumatic brain injuries that are there too. Finally, it may help with increasing blood flow to areas due to vasodilation, which helps with alleviating anxiety and improving the memory and function that you might have as well. 

Potential drawbacks 

There are some cases that may result in Vaso occlusive situations, where the blood gets blocked, and this is something does require hospitalization if you do have this happen. Probably the biggest drawback however is that smoking is not an ideal way to handle cannabis, since it damages the lungs, circulatory system, and the like, and it may put you at risk for acute chest syndrome as well. 

Finally some studies didn’t show enough evidence to help to see if this is treating the condition. It doesn’t show fully if it’s treating chronic pain. The evidence currently at this stage is quite limited, with most of the studies being limited by the minimal sample sizes and the potential for there to be biases associated with this. 

Regardless though, there are some potential benefits to be had, and if there is a chance that scientists can study this further and look, we may find the answers that we need to trade sickle cell disease, and in that it can help with the problems associated with this, and potentially reduce the effects too. 

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