Is CBD  considered a drug? This has bene touted as a miracle treatment but the truth is that it’s not as simple as you think. There are therapeutic potential benefits that come from this, and it allows millions to benefit from this, and take care of their health. But the big thing to remember is that despite it being a billion-dollar industry, it’s not perfect, and there are a ton of different myths that are out there which get touted as gold. 

CBD Isn’t’ Psychoactive

It’s not psychoactive in the way that THC is. It doesn’t bind to the same receptors, so it will not create the same effects. But it does actually interact with the brains, and it does influence the serotonin receptors. That’s literally the definition of this, and it does beat anxiety, can make people feel more relaxed, and it can calm you down. 

If you’re using unprocessed bud and flower that’s CBD, it will also contain terpenes, which do have a physiological effect on this, including some effects which may make you feel high. a lot of myrcene in this will actually create more sedative effects too to this. 

It’s A Drug

This is something that a lot of people get wrong. THC and CBD are both medicines, since cannabinoids are therapeutic for various conditions.  Some consider THC a drug and CBD a medicine, but the thing is, both of these all have similar benefits, which can help with vomiting, appetite stimulation, and even helping with relaxing and insomnia.  Some have even highlighted that THC isn’t a drug, it can help with those who have cancer, reducing the pain from chemotherapy.

Indica strains Contain more CBD

While both of these have become more colloquial descriptors to the effect that they do different things the terms are misleading. The term indica and sativa actually refers to the patterns of growth in a plant, with sativa growing leaves that are taller and narrower, and indica is short and stout.
Over the next few years, a lot of cannabis strains are hybrids for different types, and they contain wait bunch of different compounds.CBD can be fond in a lot of strains, and they’re usually found in a lot of hybrid strains.There are some however that are sativa strains that do contain this. Usually though, afghani variations all contain higher CBD types. Those that are closer to the equator will contain a lot more THC-V, which makes them a bit shorter, but a lot more energetic effects.
However, cannabis plants do have specific reactions to the place that they grow, and not just their genetics. This means you might not get the same cannabinoids if you’re growing in different environments, even if they’re the same type of plant that you’re getting as well.